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How Old-Fashioned Marketing Can Supercharge Your Design Business

Article containing marketing tips that can help your growing freelance design business flourish.

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Posted by inspired on Mar 3rd, 2011


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    Marketing can not only be done online – you have to pick up the phone send a letter to introduce yourself to your prospects.

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    A good article for those who are starting out or freelancing! It is true too, cold calling is something no one enjoys, mostly because nobody likes it being done to them, however, if you get past that initial 50 “no”‘s, you find you become a bit desperate and realise that no, doesn’t mean no!
    It is often because people have no idea what you are selling and how it can benifit them, try asking if they have a website, get into a conversation, then make your pitch, you may still get a “no” but it will at least be an honest no.
    Also take it with a pinch of salt, take a moment to laugh at the ones that say “what do I need any of that mumbo jumbo” (yes someone actually said that to me!).

    Read the post, it’s worth a few minutes of your time :)

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