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Beyond Web Mechanics – Creating Meaningful Web Design

Mark Kus, lead designer at Carsonified, shares his thoughts on creating more meaningful experiences, and how some trends may be too popular in web design.

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Posted by David Leggett on Dec 8th, 2010 Tags: , ,


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    Mmm… Why are there five down-votes on this article? I thought it was rather insightful.

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      Thought this was strange two. Two users have been blocked for mass down voting (it really takes quite a lot – we don’t want to stop users from voting that sincerely don’t like something). Out of the users who are voting, it seems that not many were interested in this article.

      The best way to fix this is to spread awareness of the new voting system. We’re going to be integrating it into the results pages eventually which should help.

      For the record, I thought it Mark did a great job summarizing a problem many web designers struggle with.

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    This article really makes you think about why I wanted to be a multimedia designer in the first place. The so call “web trends” are actually being promoted by us designers and so I think this is really hurting the creativity part of the web design process. We should inovate more and push the borders further to create a better online experience, not just copy the glossy effects, 3d menus etc…

    My 2cents…

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