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WordPress Wednesday: WordPress Q&A #1

This is our first ever Q&A on Tutorial9, where the community asks the questions, and the community also posts the answers. Ask your WordPress related questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them (or at least point you in the right direction).

If you’re a WordPress guru, now is a great opportunity to let your knowledge shine (and earn a few cloud points along the way).

Pretty much anything goes: Want to know how another site does something? Have a specific error you’re running into? Maybe you have a more general question about WordPress—we’ll do our best to answer them all.


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    What is the best e-commerce solution that plays well with WordPress? I’ve had experience with both WP-eCommerce and Shopp.

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    stevemoha (2 Points) December 16, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Qn: Anyone knows of a very neat and brilliant theme for a job site?I understand there are some plugins for job management, though I wanted specifically a theme customized a job site . Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Dominique (0 Points) December 16, 2010 at 7:42 am

    Hey, maybe a silly question.. But is it possible that the homepage looks different (different lay-out) than the other pages while using wordpress?

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    You’re a week too late, haha. I was working on a custom theme and I wanted to add a simple theme option: a textarea to insert HTML of images wrapped in links (for a slider). But the function stripslashes didn’t work, so it was useless because I needed to insert HTML and not just regular text. I tried everything and was frustrated so I deleted all the code I had written for this function and made a widget of it. The slider does work now, but I think that it should’ve been a theme option and not a widget. (Don’t ask me why…)

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    Much as it feels like a cop-out to mention Digging Into WordPress – this bit from late last month really blew me away:

    Proper editor styles, matching your theme, makes a big difference. :)

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    Is it better to make and style page-templates or make category-templates? I’m trying to achieve styling each page/category differently.

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    Are you using a plugin for the comment point system on this blog?

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      No, but their are several available plugins (Do a search for Comment Karma).

      We opted for a custom system that was very lightweight (keeping the site running fast and smooth), and built just for our needs (ie: When you get a point in a comment, it is also added to your total “Cloud Points” if you’re a registered member on Tut9. Points also apply to different Sticker unlocks on our site).

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    Ok, I’ve got a interesting question for you guys (or so I think so).

    We have a theme like this with a slider that removes the posts from the rest of the blog when they are included in the slideshow. The thing is that I want to have the posts in the rest of the blog too and I want to use the slideshow option just to highlight some articles that are more important then others. I think I need to have 2 loops but here is the real problem. If I do so, the blog will display all the articles in the content area and display them again in the slideshow but i don’t want that exactly. I want only 3 of those 10 articles to be displayed there. I hope I presented the problem well enough :D

    put your thinking caps on :D

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      There are several ways Theme developers may actually implement excluding posts that are featured from showing up elsewhere, so this solution will not work for everyone.

      On the “Sight” WordPress theme, there is a very easy fix though.

      Open up “slideshow.php” in the theme root directory, and comment out line 16. ie:

      Change: $exl_posts[] = $post->ID;
      Changed to: //$exl_posts[] = $post->ID;

      This will stop the theme from tracking which posts should be excluded. Those posts that are featured will now also show with the rest of the recent posts.

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        And just to expand on this a bit:

        Excluding posts is typically done within the query done that retrieves the posts. In this case, we have a very normal query_posts() query that uses the “post__not_in” parameters to define which posts should be excluded (see index.php line 9). This is the actual part of the query that explicitly says, “Don’t get the posts defined in the $exl_posts array.

        The $exl_posts array of course is defined in slideshow.php (it’s the line we commented out). Everytime a post was called into the slideshow, that post’s id was added into $exl_posts[].

        Hopefully, this helps people pin point what is causing this in other themes :)

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        Thanks you. It works perfectly. It didn’t occur to me that I can change the slideshow options…

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    Hi, I’m a WordPress and CakePHP user. I love all that WP does for us but I also love how easy is to develop in a MVC framework. What I would like to know is, how do you feel about using a MVC framework for developing WP plugins?

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      Well here’s a question someone a bit more savvy may be able to answer better than myself!

      For me, I think it entirely depends on the type of plugin. A very comprehensive plugin (like the Buddy Press WordPress Plugin) has a lot to gain from developing with a framework. On the other hand, a simple plugin (like running a simple DB query whenever a WP hook is activated) clearly won’t require more than a few lines of code.

      If you’re planning on creating a plugin that substantially modifies the way WordPress normally acts, I think you have a lot to gain from working with a MVC framework. Between making your code easier to manage, easier to find problems, and easier to expand upon, you’ll simply be more effective as a developer.

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    Steve Dogiakos (0 Points) December 15, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Theme: LightWord
    Problem: I am trying to embed an iframe on a page(../donate) but the I can’t seem to make the Theme Option of “No Sidebars” work. It ends up with no widgets but the space for the sidebar. Any thoughts on what I need to fix (I assume it’s something in single-page-template.php


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      This seems to be a problem with the theme itself. I couldn’t tell you if the theme actually has a separate style that takes out the sidebar area entirely, or just disables the widgets.

      You could build that yourself, but it would require significant modification to the theme itself, as well as the CSS.

      If you think that the theme supports that already, then I’m not really sure what you’re doing wrong. I downloaded the theme myself and was not able to make the sidebar go away altogether. It might be something worth asking the theme developer.

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