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22 Beautiful jQuery Plugins for Web Designers

This collection of jQuery plugins might come in handy next time you’re building a site. This post highlights some of the more aesthetic plugins online that can add a spark of creativity into your web design.

20+ Beautiful jQuery Plugins for Web Designers

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Thickbox 3.1

This is a ThickBox. A ThickBox is approximately like a lightbox, but with more effects. It supports content using AJAX etc etc, and is very useful displaying several images in a row.

Alt Text


Like ThickBox but with less features. Simpler. For those of you that doesn’t need many features and just want a simple image-display-funcition-plugin.

Alt Text

jQuery.popeye � an inline lightbox alternative

Another alternate version of lighbox. But this one stands out from the rest. Check it out to see what can be done!

Alt Text

Sliding boxes and captions with jQuery

This is a multiple-effects-plugin and is very useful if you want to have hidden captions that shows when hovering an image(mouseover).

Alt Text

jPlayer – jQuery mp3 player plugin

Using this plugin you can have your own musicplayer in no time! It is very useful. Almost like your own myspace but with jQuery!

Alt Text

jQuery form plugin

This is a very simple but useful plugin. Have you ever had problems establishing a form? Now you dont.

Alt Text

easyDrag jQuery plugin

With this plugin you can drag and drop any item as you wish! Good for moving content around. And it’s very simple to use.

Alt Text

jQuery accordion plugin – vertical

This is maybe one of the most attractive jQuery plugins out there. Accordion I say! Vertical niceness to the eyes.

Alt Text

jQuery accordion plugin – horizontal

This accordion plugin is the same as the above but with a little twist… It’s horizontal! Very useful displaying larger images. Good for portfolio-usage

Alt Text

Switch stylesheets with jQuery

This is a very small but useful plugin. Using this plugin you can switch the styles of your webpage using different CSS files and this plugin.

Alt Text

Innerfade with jQuery

This plugin alows you to fade any element inside a container in and out. These elements could be anything you wish. Very useful displaying your portfolio in a nice way.

Alt Text

Coda slider 1.1.1

This jQuery slider, I think, is one of the most used plugins on the web. A slider simply slides content from content1 > content2> content3 etc. Very nice and useful effect.

Alt Text

jQuery toggle elements

Simply toggle elements on and off. This one has a very cool animation on the content too, so its not only the toggle effect.

Alt Text

jCarousel – Riding carousels with jQuery

This one shows many images(commonly thumbnails) in a smaller area. You could actually call this a thumbnailslider. Very useful if you have too many images in a too small area.

Alt Text

jQuery Plugin – a Sliding Menu

This menu shows, when clicked on, sliding out from nowhere in a nice animation and does the same when clicked on again, vice-versa.

Alt Text

jQuery Lavalamp for jQuery lovers(and everybody else)

Lavalamp is a very smooth meny-animation-effect. It has a feeling of its own. You need to see it for yourself to know what I’m talking about(my personal favourite).

Alt Text

jQuery colorpicker

Pick your own colours using jQuery! Almost like in Photoshop, but with less colorchoices. You can use it to change the textcolor in a textarea or just let your visitors change your textcolor on your website maybe?

Alt Text

jQuery star rating – Dynamicly create a Ajax rater

This is a star-rating-plugin. Use this to let your visitors rate your content based on what they think of it. You can have up to how many stars you would like, but my advice is to use the maximum of 10.

Alt Text

jQuery – IconDock

Like Apples Dock. But with jQuery. This plugin is very attractive and very useful for everyone that wants a cool effect and look on their menu/portfolio navigation/quickbar navigation/etc.

Alt Text

jQuery – Imageselect

Use this to croop an image using jQuery. Very useful for avatar-crooping and crooping other images that may be used on the web that you want to make a smaller size inside of the browser.

Alt Text

jQuery loopedslider

A slider that slides your images just the way you want! This one has some nice extra effects and many options to choose from.

Alt Text

jQuery – Beautiful slider

Least but not last(or actually, last), the most beautiful jQuery slider on the web(according to me). Has a very nice twist on the caption!


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    johnathan (-1 Points) January 24, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    hey, i really like your list and found it useful! Recently, i made a new plugin called jQuiz that is located at the jQuiz homepage. basically, it allows you to create a quiz from an ordered list and is pretty cool, i think :)

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    njmehta (2 Points) September 2, 2010 at 10:27 am

    All of the different image plugins are so useful and they make things really simple. Sometimes it can be a pain lining up images in a row if youâ€re not familiar with html.

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    Interactive Web Design (1 Point) August 16, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    All of the different image plugins are so useful and they make things really simple. Sometimes it can be a pain lining up images in a row if you’re not familiar with html.

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    SXELADY (1 Point) May 12, 2010 at 9:21 am

    great list, thanks! one more option you might add to your list is Likno Web Tooltips Builder ( great tool for creating jquery tooltips for websites.

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    I’m using innerfade. Everything works perfectly except it indents like a normally would…but I don’t want it to! There’s too much space on the left side where the indent is and it throws my dimensions off. I’ve found the way to hide the bullet points but is there a way to get rid of that indent?

    Can someone help? Thanks!!

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    These are some excellent examples of what jQuery can do.

    Also as Casey L. Jones said, Lightbox model is really too common now. Almost everyone who has a portfolio or a set of pictures on their site most likely has a Lightbox model to display them.

    But, these are still fantastic results that jQuery can accomplish.

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    I find Colorbox – to be a much more customizable option and better written option than lightbox or thickbox. It seems to combine the best of both.

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