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35 Creative and Colorful WordPress Themes

So many websites out there pay no attention to color or simply make poor use of it. While site design that lack bold color choices have their time and place, its always invigorating to see a site filled with color. Needless to say, I had a fun time collecting these colorful WordPress themes!

Below, you will find a collection the most colorful and creative WordPress themes on the web. I have included both free and premium themes; so there is something for every budget!

Paid Premium Themes

Alt Text

Retro Hero

A personal theme with a cool retro design, built in Twitter status, and Flickr RSS.

Alt Text


One of the most popular grunge themes on the market. Perfect for a personal blog or magazine style website.

Alt Text


This themes has a seemingly endless variety of colors and styles, including this grunge paint splash.

Alt Text


A bold site design for blogs and websites that deal with music. Especially that in the rap and hip hop genere.

Alt Text


Here is a colorful theme that is geared towards those in the travel industry or are just wanting a cool travel blog.

Alt Text

Album Theme

This theme offers a simple, but creative dark grunge style to show off your pictures without the design taking away from them.

Alt Text


As you’ll see, the glowing space style is a popular design these days. This is one of many on this list.

Alt Text


Like I said, a very popular look these days. This one has more of a magazine style layout to it.

Alt Text


Here is a colorful theme that comes in a variety of other color schemes as well. So you are sure to find one you like.

Alt Text


Here is a life stream type design that allows you to showcase all your online activities in one place.

Alt Text


A unique layout that has some colorful vector illustrations to create the background for this theme.

Alt Text

Perfection Grunge

Themes don’t come much brighter than this. This theme features bright colors with touches of grunge.

Alt Text


The Industry theme uses a mix of bright colors and some simple glowing styles to create a personal theme filled with style.

Alt Text


Bright blues help gives this personal theme its under water feel.

Alt Text

Design Blog

A theme that plays on the desk idea of pads and notebook paper to create a simple but creative blog layout.

Alt Text


This is a simple layout and design, but offers up loads of personality and creativity.

Alt Text

Wisdom tree

Here is another vector heavy design that gives you a really unique site right out of the box.

Alt Text

Quick Tab

A bright blue theme that uses some cool ajax slides to make the theme especially functional.

Alt Text


A simple personal blog design that lives up to its name with soft colors and a sky like background header.

Alt Text


This is another grunge paid grunge theme.

Free Themes

Alt Text


This theme kind of combines some grunge elements with the popular glowing light effects for a cool final result.

Alt Text


These trendy colors and unique layout make this theme a real attention grabber.

Alt Text


Here is another simple personal theme that has lods of creativity to it, with minimal effects.

Alt Text


Bold graphics and rich colors make this on of the really creative free themes out there..

Alt Text


Here is another creative them that makes striong use of large icons, bright colors, and more to create a multi-functional layout.

Alt Text

Atlantic Theme

Another theme that uses the popular glowing wave style.

Alt Text

Color Paper

A well textured theme that is both colorful and creative.

Alt Text

Notepad Chaos

This theme mixes its own creativity with the popular notebook style design for a personal blog.

Alt Text

I Can Watch Movies

Sharp lines, interesting colors, and a great layout make this a really cool free theme.

Alt Text


A nice, simple theme, that makes great use of white space, bright colors, and cool patterns.

Alt Text


Here we see another creative life stream style layout that also uses a minimal amount of glowing colors for the background.

Alt Text

Desk Space

A personal blog theme that is another variation of the desktop style.

Alt Text

Polaroid Press

Here is a unique theme that uses some nice colors and an interesting layout.

Alt Text


Here is a darker theme that makes cool use of the color white, but also features plenty of bright colors.

Alt Text


A simple personal style blog with a large background image filled with color.


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    Very, very cool, and stylish, but this just occurred to me – if you are a graphic designer (or any kind of designer, really) then wouldn’t you want your blog to be totally unique, and a reflection of your personality? So, then… how do you do that with a template? (This is actually a serious question. How DO you customise a template, or incorporate a photoshop mock-up into one? Or is there a great dividing gap, between those who can design a theme from scratch, and those who use the templates, and there is no halfway point in between? Hmm…)

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