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99 Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures

As a designer, it’s not always possible to take the time and generate your own textures for all of your graphics. Thankfully, there are tons of convenient stock textures that others have freely contributed to the design community! We’ve gathered 99 of our favorites in this gigantic list!

Paper Textures

Paper Textures

Aged Paper (Parchment) Texture

Old Bible Texture

Another Old Paper Texture

Old Aged Paper (Parchment) Texture

Paper Texture

Another Paper Texture

Old Bible Cover

Old Bible Cover (other side)

Old Paper

Old Paper 2

Grungy Parchment

Fake Paper

4 Free High Res Grungy Paper Textures | BittBox

9 More Free Paper Textures

Paint Textures

Paint Textures

Green Peeled Paint

Abstract Grunge Painting

Oil Paint Series 4

Blue Oils

Abstract Colored Paint 3

Watercolor Texture

Green Peeled Paint

Grunge Paint Texture

Abstract Grunge Painting

Gold + Red Paint Texture

Peeling Painted Wall Texture

Painted Wall Texture

Peeling Paint

Oil Paint Series 1

Oil Paint Series 2

Oil Paint Series 3

Oil Paint Series 4

Blue Oils

Abstract Colored Paint 1

Abstract Colored Paint 2

Abstract Colored Paint 3

Abstract Colored Paint 4

Abstract Colored Paint 5


Dirty Wall with Paint

Green Dirty Wall with Paint

Metal Textures

Grunge Metal Textures

Diamond Plate Metallic Texture

Red Metal Rusting

Iron Texture

Rusted Sheet Metal

Red and Rusted

Diamond Plate Metallic Texture

Grunge Metal Texture

Rusted Metal Texture

Red Metal Rusting

Red Metal Grunge

Canvas Textures

Canvas Textures

Textured Canvas

New Canvas

Grungier Canvas

Strokes on a Canvas

Green Canvas

Textured Canvas


Background Canvas

Canvas Macro

Copy Canvas

New Canvas

Grungy Canvas

Grungier Canvas

Tan Canvas

Macro Canvas Texture

Strokes on a Canvas

Traditional Clothes

Red Oxide Frame

Wrinkled Fabric

Red Weave

More Stock Textures

Scratched Wooden Plank Texture

Wall Stucco

Structure 1

Structure 2

Structure 3

Structure 4

24 Free High-Res Textures | BittBox


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    Props to Tutorial9 and all it’s tutorial authors!

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