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August’s Tutorial Roundup

Tutorial9′s slick redesign isn’t all that’s new this month! Aside from our own new look, the new Web Tutorials Section, and load of new posts, there have been tons of updates in the rest of the design community! Here are our favorites!

Our Tutorial Picks

Each month, we try to pick tutorials that are outstanding in quality and usefulness. We tend to pick tutorials that encompass design, although we let a few others slip in if they are really great! If you found any that we may have missed, feel free to share them in the comments!

Mixed-Media Techniques

Mark Mayers shares some fantastic techniques for creating mixed-media masterpieces with the help of Photoshop. This should be required reading for digital artists looking to take Photoshop seriously as a tool for them.

Create a Slick, Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider

Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks shows us how to put together a Slick Content Slider, similar to what you see on the homepage of Tutorial9 (only way cooler). There’s a very good chance that we’ll employ it here in the near future!

Render a Striking Matchbox in Photoshop

Learn how to create a realistic matchbox from scratch, in this highly detailed tutorial from PSDTUTS. Outstanding usage of 3D wireframes for reference and the Vanishing Point feature of Photoshop.

Illustrator’s Pen Tool

A comprehensive guide to using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. If you’re looking for a similar guide for Photoshop’s pen tool, you may be interested in our Pen Tool Basics Tutorial.

Create a Command Shape in Illustrator

A quick and easy tutorial for creating the Apple Command Key Shape in Illustrator with a four colored stroke depth effect added to it.

Recolor Artwork using Illustrator’s LiveColor

Veerle runs through the process of recoloring artwork in Adobe Illustrator CS3 using the LiveColor Feature.

Create a Cute Vector Monster from a Pencil Sketch

Learn how to turn a pencil sketch of your own into a artistic vector illustration character (or mascot). Here’s a great step-by-step tutorial that will let anyone get the job done!

Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography

Wonderful tutorial that shows how to mix vector elements with watercolor effects to create stunning designs.

How to draw a Theatrical Scene with Cute Animal Icons

This creative wallpaper tutorial will show you how to add shading to elements of your design in a non-destructive manner.

Create Simple Light Stripes in Photoshop

A nice and simple tutorial for creating a nifty lighting effect in Photoshop. Great for backgrounds!

“Lovestoned” Music Video Effect

Here’s a tutorial that shows how to replicate the abstract lighting effect from Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned” Music Vido.

Photography Tutorial: How to Shoot Light Trails

Something about light trails makes them very appealing to many of us. They’re unnatural, yet they also seem very organic at times. This tutorial does a nice job showing what’s needed to get the job done, as well as techniques for setting up the perfect shot.

High Contrast Effect

Improve your Digital Photography Workflow with this tutorial that shows a technique for efficiently adding high contrast effects to your work.

Creating Dirty Grunge Text in Photoshop

A quick text effect tutorial for photoshop that shows off an easy process for creating dirty grunge type.

Realistic Forest Floor Texture

GlassSphere from the Tutorial9 Forums wrote up a nice guide for creating realistic Forest Floor Textures in Photoshop. It’s a good read, and great effect!

Top 10 Typography Sins

A nice rundown of some common typography mistakes made by writers. If you’re a blogger, it’s definitely worth educating yourself about these sorts of things.

Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog

A post title can make all the difference between a couple of visitors, and a couple-hundred (or thousand) visitors. Darren Rowse shares some reasons and methods to creating eye-grabbing post titles.

Using AdWord Keyword Tool to Hone Post Titles & Topics

How to use a free tool offered by Google to help in the process of finding topics to cover on your blog.

9 Ways to End a Productive Day

Some really great ideas to successfully end a productive day. This, and 5 Easy Ways to Start a Productive Day, deserves a read if you’re struggling to make the most out of your days as a freelancer.

Money Saving Tip: 15-to-20 Percent Rule

Here’s a handy tip that might help you get exactly the price you’re looking for on various items. Offer 15-to-20 percent less than you can afford, and you might land a solid deal!

Inspirational, Resource, and Useful Picks

Being a designer can be tough. Half the battle of creating something is simply finding a good source of inspiration. These links are intended to help get yourself motivated, help you along the way, and get the creative process rolling!

When To Use Magazine-Style Themes for Blogs?

An insightful look at when we should consider using Magazine-Style Blog Themes versus more traditional alternatives. Weighs the Pros and Cons of each with some handy tips along the way.

Tasty Designer T-Shirts

A bunch of awesome designer T-Shirts showcased over at Fuel Your Creativity. Definitely worth checking out some of these if you’re looking for anything new!

Free Stone Texture Pack

Ten high quality shots at a massive resolution of 3888×2592 pixels. Excellent stone textures for designers!

Free Vector Wing Pack

Jay from Bittbox offers some free, high quality Wing Vectors after following a tutorial over at the GoMediaZine Blog.

Vector Freebies: Paint Brushes

A great set of Vector Paintbrushes available for download over at Colorburned. 19 in total, coming in varying sizes and shapes.

Free Fabric Texture Pack

Some awesome high resolution Fabric Textures are up for grabs over at FudgeGraphics. The pack contains 11 textures in total, all 2500px wide. They’re an excellent compliment to the 99 Canvas, Paper, Paint and Metal Textures we listed a while back.

Free Grunge Vector Set

Another Free Resource! VectorStock has allowed My Ink Blog to share an outstanding Vector Grunge Pack — definitely worth a look!

Free Vector Icon Set: Turqua

A 3D Isometric Vector Icon set offered for free by Onur Oztaskiran. These are the first 5 in a set, and they’re top notch material.


Lots of Free Photoshop Brushes are available over at BrushKing. We’ve donated our own Dirty Sprays Photoshop Brushes and Creative Doodles Brushes to the mix. Might be a nice resource to add to your bookmarks!

Free WordPress Theme: Notepad Chaos

A colorful, creative WordPress Theme, free for download over at Smashing Magazine.


Need inspiration? Moodstream is a powerful brainstorming tool that mixes audio and visuals to create beatiful inspiring atmospheres right at your desk. It’s tough to explain, but certainly worth trying.

Small Deer (Portfolio of Manny Bernardez) Updates

Chagethethought points out that Manny Bernardez has updated his portfolio at Small Deer. Some very vibrant, interesting work to see there!

Julia Dault: Untitled 1 & 4

Wonderful form displayed in Julia Dault’s “Untitled 1″ and “Untitled 4″.

Islam Zayed: Cosmique

Beautiful type work by Islam Zayed in his “Cosmique” piece that is reminicent of a planet, and outerspace. Wonderful colors and shapes.

Cosmive: Online Portfolio of Uzair

Cosmive is the online portfolio of Muhammad Uzair. Outstanding web design work — that header is to die for… There is very pretty stuff to see here.

Hadlow and Cornish Denounce Faked Photographers

Henry Hadlow and Ed Cornish do an interesting job of denouncing photographers who fake their work photographs to create stories of their own.

Maestro Dobel Packaging

Beautiful, elegant, modern design for Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila.

Ceylora Cinnamon Stick

Now this, is creative packaging!

Illustration Class 101: Learn by Example

How do you learn to be a better illustrator? Well, why not watch how the pros do it, and then develop unique styles of your own after learning from them?

Tutorial Attack

Our friends at Makeeda publish their second Tutorial Attack, filled with valuable tutorials for beginners and pros.

Best Web Development Books

The NETTUTS Community has voted on the top Web Development books out there, and they have now listed their results. Now’s a good time to get some reading done!

Web Design Inspiration: Black Layouts

Do darker colors make better site layouts? One might be led to believe so after taking a look at these inspiring website designs.

Single-Page Portfolio Sites Inspiration

Web Designer Wall gathers some of the top single-page portfolio sites in an effort to inspire you with new design trends.

200+ Photoshop Brushes for Light, Sparkles, Glows and Glitter

A collection of Photoshop Brushes that can be used to add glow, lighting, and sparkle effects to your digital works.

33 New Design Blogs with Great Content & Resources

A healthy sized collection of new design blogs with top quality posts and resources. Includes links to all the RSS feeds for quick adding to your reader.

10 Adobe AIR Apps for Web Designers

Helpful Adobe AIR apps that are perfect for graphic designers and web developers.

Send us your September Picks!

Keep an eye out for brilliant posts this September. We’d love to hear if you find anything, or if you publish something of your own that our viewers might enjoy. You can grab us on Twitter, our Forums, or by using our Contact Form.


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