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Creative Bookmarks: Best of August 2009

We’ve dug through the masses and collected the top free tutorials and resources from around the web once more! Check out the best of the best from August!

Photoshop Tutorials

Design a Vibrant Blackberry Inspired Ad in Photoshop

The Blackberry Loves U2 TV promo features some awesome, bright and vibrant lighting effects. Take some time to learn how to recreate the style to produce a Blackberry inspired design of your own.

Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images

Learn how to give objects in photoshop a ghastly smokey look, and then masterfully warp smoke around them for the ultimate smoke manipulation effect.

How to Create a Fantasy “Mother Nature” Scene

Another great photo manipulation tutorial with some super-easy to use hair techniques in Photoshop. Definitely worth your time if you’re a creative.

Create Vintage Traveler Diary in Photoshop

This tutorial shows how to create a very stylish vintage traveler diary in Photoshop using stock photos, brushes, and blend modes.

3D Typography in Photoshop

Inspired by the work of Nelson Balaban, this tutorial shares a good bit of techniques for creating some super creative 3D Type Effects. Outstanding process, and creative results.

Photoshop Tutorial: Design the Mac OS X Leopard Folder

Learn how to create the popular Mac OS X Leopard Folder icon using Photoshop in just Ten Easy steps. Comes with a PSD, useful brushes and custom shapes!

3D Text Shatter Effect – Tutorial

This is actually a Cinema 4D and Photoshop Tutorial all in one, but it’s a really cool effect to pass up if you are capable with a 3D editor. Blender fans should be able to get similar results with some creative thought!

Create a Trendy Galactic Poster Design in Photoshop

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one of these types of creative lighting tutorials. This photoshop tutorial has a few creative twists, and we’re liking how it looks!

Mastering Photoshop With Paths

Anomalously residing within the pixel-gridded world of Photoshop are a series of tools waiting to break out of the canvas’ inherent squareness. Mastering these tools opens the stage for a higher level of flexibility, full of clean lines and non-destructive editing. Presented here is a guide to help you build proficiency, increase productivity and demystify the elusive world of Paths.

Make smashing Photoshop glass effects

Master a convincing shattering-glass effect that has dozens of applications with this brilliant technique from Mark Mayers.

Create a Realistic Landscape from Scratch with a Graphic Tablet

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to make a landscape from scratch in photoshop CS3.

Illustrator Tutorials

How to Make a Vector Diamond Ring in Illustrator

If you love jewels, like I do, then this tutorial will be interesting. By the end of it you will learn how to make two vector diamond rings and the details that give them realism.

How to Create a Rainy Window Vector Background

Using the Symbolism Tools, plus a bit of Gradient Mesh, learn to make a realistic window covered with raindrops. This is an advanced tutorial that assumes a fair amount of Illustrator experience, but everyone should be able to follow along. It can be done with earlier versions of Illustrator, but takes full advantage of newer features in CS4.

Go Media’s Rapid-Fire Illustration Technique

When you need to create something with that hand-drawn look but you’re on a tight time line – this is one way to do it fast. The technique shown in this tutorial is a little illustration short-cut.

Illustrator: Abstract Vector Art

This Adobe Illustrator tutorial will show you how to create an abstract art that can be used for wallpaper, website header or background images. It is fun and easy. You will learn how to use the Warp and Twirl tool to create abstract vector art in minutes.

Create retro-look vectors

James Wignall, AKA Mutanthands, demonstrates how to take your digital vector illustrations back in time. bring the rich, fuzzy textures and warm colours seen in movie posters of the ‘70s to your own images, giving them a rich retro look without you even having to leave the computer.

Illustrator Tutorial: Realistic Orange

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make a photo realistic orange using Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Web Tutorials

Key Elements to Blog Visibility

How do you make sure that your blog rises above the multitude of collective voices and sway the online audience the way of your blog? These are some of the key elements that you should focus on to survive through the saturation and be heard.

Perfect Full Page Background Image

Here are two really crafty techniques for creating full-page backgrounds with CSS and JS. The background scales, is cross-browser compatible, and there’s no flash involved.

Lights Out – Dimming/Covering Background Content with jQuery

This is a quick and easy approach that tackles a pretty common technique. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to add pop up message boxes complete with dimmed background to your existing site.

6 Ways To Improve Your Web Typography

Typography on the web is anything but simple, and for many, it is a troubling mystery. This post reviews six ways that web designers and developers can improve the typography of the sites they create.

Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch

The web is getting closer to HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards, and even though the transition isn’t complete, we can start working with newer technologies so that our sites always remain fully accessible. Smashing mag has a great tut that will introduce you to coding in HTML 5.

Redesigning Your Own Site

Redesigning a freelance website is an exercise in masochism. There are no colleagues or an umbrella corporation to share the pain: It’s just you. Lea Alcantara shares her personal approach to rebuilding her site and personal brand.

Building Faster Websites with CSS Sprites

Using CSS sprites allows you to greatly increase your websites speed by using single image files that contain multiple graphics. In other words, when you have many images to be used, instead of having them as different individual files, we combine them into one. Therefore, the client computer only downloads one image for all the different graphics to be displayed.

Freebies, Inspiration & Resources

Free Podcasting, Video and Photography WordPress Theme

Smashing Multimedia: a unique, flexible and advanced WordPress theme for artists, photographers, podcasters, designers and users. The theme was designed by Sarah Neuber especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Free Icons: Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icons

One of Tutorial9′s newest contributors shares some grungy new social media icons with the rest of the community! The pack includes 20 icons, and a PSD file for creating your own icons. Additionally, you can follow a tutorial for creating your own custom sets.

22 Beautiful jQuery Plugins for Web Designers

This collection of jQuery plugins might come in handy next time you’re building a site. This post highlights some of the more aesthetic plugins online that can add a spark of creativity into your web design.

Free PHP URL Shortener Script

Build your own URL Shortening service using Brian Cray’s wonderful new URL shortener – all for free! This script can cram 42 billion URL’s in 6 or less characters.

5 Web Accessibility Improvement Tools

Here’s a collection of tools that focus on improving web accessibility, a very important sector of user experience.

Wireframe Magnets (DIY Kit)

This DIY magnet template is based on the Konigi wireframe stencils and includes 3 sheets of elements that might be useful in whiteboard prototyping. Simply download and print the PDFs onto magnet sheets, optionally laminate them if you intend to use with dry-erase markers, and finally cut them out.

21 Amazing Underwater Scenes for Inspiration

There is a whole different world swimming in the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans of our planet. A world that is both beautiful and fragile. Our planet is mostly made up of water, you are roughly 60% water, and the amount of life that ecosystem holds is simply staggering!

Beautiful Hand Drawn Typography

Beautiful and creative typography can come in a variety of different forms. Hand drawn typography can be an excellent source of inspiration for graphic designers and typography lovers.

50 creative logo designs using Colorful Gradients and 3D Effects

Many old fashioned designers will tell you to avoid the use of more than 3 colors and gradients in a logo. The reasoning against using colors and gradients was valid, when The printing costs for 4 color process was costly. Today, Online branding has become a major factor and most company logos are seen on websites much more than on prints.

50 Incredible Examples of Battle Art

This showcase includes three different aspects of a battle: the preparation before, the actual battle and the following aftermath. The images are extremely dynamic and full of motion and are sure to bring back memories of similar types of movies or video games.

35 Hugely Expressive Works of Digital Art

35 stunning examples of expressive digital art. All of these works carry a message, and utilize vibrant colors, creative composition and fantastic attention to detail.

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