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July’s Tutorial Roundup

Another month, another awesome collection of tutorials, inspirational pieces, tools, and otherwise incredible links just ripe for the picking. Here are our selection of the best we came across during the month of July.

Our Tutorial Picks

Each month, we try to pick tutorials that are outstanding in quality and usefulness. We tend to pick tutorials that encompass design, although we let a few others slip in if they are really great! If you found any that we may have missed, feel free to share them in the comments!

3D Cube Transform

3D Transform a Colorful Cube Design

A wonderful Photoshop Tutorial which guides you through the process of creating beautiful imagery inspired by the talented Guilherme Marconi.

Crazy Cool Vectors

Crazy Cool Vectors in Illustrator and Photoshop

Fabio from Abduzeedo never fails to impress – this time with some incredible abstract vector illustrations created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Create a WordPress Theme Walkthrough

How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

Here’s one for those interested in developing custom WordPress themes of there own. Kai Loon has just finished a series walking through each step for creating wonderful themes!

Do it Yourself Softbox for Photography

DIY Softbox from an umbrella

A decent softbox for Photography could run you upwards of $150, but with this handy Do it Yourself instructable, you can make your own for just over $20!

Illustrator Environment Type

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment

Everyone’s “Going Green” nowadays… Shouldn’t your type be green as well? This Illustrator tutorial will show you how to give your type the Green treatment.

Illustrator in 30 days

Learn Illustrator in 30 Days

You may know about our School of Photoshop, but we’ve yet to start on a School of Illustrator series. No sweat though! iStiockdiary is working on a Learn Illustrator in 30 days course – already on day 5! Jump in if you’ve been looking to learn Illustrator!

Create a little planet

An Idiots Guide to Creating Small Planets

A great guide that instructs how to create miniature planets of your own – everything from photographing an environment, to putting the composition together!

Snail Race Photoshop Tutorial

Snail race photo montage

A good tutorial that offers some valuable Photo manipulation techniques. Also – who here honestly doesn’t want to race snails?

Swan Bride Tutorial

Creating a ‘Swan Bride’ – Fun With Paths!

Along with racing snails, we also love paths. PSDFAN shares the passion for paths in their recent Swan Bride tutorial!

Good-Type Grid

A tutorial for good typography in InDesign – Setting up a baseline grid

A series of simple steps for achieving good, clean, well structured typography using Adobe InDesign. Wonderful insight to how simplicity really is an important element to all design.

How to Communicate with clients

How To Communicate Design Decisions To Clients?

This article provides you with 5 guidelines you can use as a designer to “speak business” — even if it’s just to get your foot in the door or land a big project.

Glass Cube

Glass Cube Tutorial

Create a glass cube in Adobe Photoshop. Some pretty good techniques here for creating 3D shapes of your own!

Inspirational & Useful Picks

Being a designer can be tough. Half of the battle when creating something is simply finding a good source of inspiration. These links are intended to help get yourself motivated, help you along the way, and get the creative process rolling!

User Showcase Inspiration

Inspiration: User Showcase Roundup

BittBox shares some of it’s favorite pieces from their community pool on Flickr. Some really outstanding stuff to see here folks!

WeFunction Inspiration

125+ Unconventional Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Function recently launched, and has all sorts of wonderful posts to kick off their beautiful blog. Here’s just one post we found especially inspiring.


Burst (Photography)

Those looking for near-perfect photographs and imagery of explosions and destruction frozen in time, look no further. I mean… there are people like that out there, right?

Table of Contents Inspiration

Table of Contents: Creative Examples

Inspiration can come from some interesting places. Check out these creative designs for something as simple as a Table of Contents.

Radiohead - House of Cards Music Video

Radiohead, House of Cards

In case you hadn’t heard, Radiohead is kind of a big deal. One of their latest music videos for House of Cards used no cameras, but instead some cool 3D technology being developed by researchers at UCLA. Along with the video is an interactive viewer, which is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

Inspirational Packaging

Inspirational Original Product and Packaging Design

A nice showcase of some creative presentation and packaging for several products. Beautiful packaging can really take a product to a higher level!

Wine in a Can

Wine in a Can Product Design

I’m no wine connoisseur, but I can still appreciate this interesting take on a product design that aims to sell Wine in a Can. Wonder how long it will be before some Energy Drink marketer picks up on this design.

Free Fonts for July 2008

Free Fonts Of The Month: Anivers, Gentium, Fresco

Smashing Magazine lists their free font picks of the month, and we’ll happily agree with their selections. These are some great fonts to add to your collection.

Hand Picked fonts at Noupe

40+ Extremely Beautiful FONTS Hand-picked from deviantART

And while we’re on the topic of fonts, why not go check out the 40+ selections Noupe recently posted. They’re all free of course, and well worth looking into.

Screen Fluent


Zeitgeist of screen design. A wonderful gallery of over 7,000 beautiful designs.

Textures at Lost Taken

Lost and Taken

Free stock textures for graphic design and photography projects. Another new face in the design community that deserves some attention!



Not so much of a new face as simply an awesome design inspiration gallery. If you’ve run into a designer block, stop by and see if it doesn’t give you some ideas.

Vortex Waves

Vortex Waves

Check out this wonderful wallpaper, and if your interested, be sure to check out the EPS source as well.

Ajax Load


Quickly create an Ajax loading icon of your own. Just 3 easy steps, and it will be generated automatically for you.

Stripe Mania


Here’s another useful tool for webmasters looking to speed up development cycles for quick projects. Generate a trendy striped background in just a few quick steps.

Font Conference

Font Conference

Here’s a pretty funny take on typography. Should dingbats be given membership to this collection fonts? Or will evil thwart the conference altogether?!

20 Healthy Foods for $1

The 20 Healthiest Foods for Under $1

Maybe, I’m not the only one here working on a tight budget. If you’re looking for some easy ways to save money, but still eat healthy, this one’s worth the read!

Achievement Hunter

Achievement Hunter

Tutorials for getting Achievements on Xbox 360 titles? Yeah, they exist, and the folks over at Rooster Teeth have put together a comprehensive source for finding them.

Big thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions! Be sure to get in your August submissions in the forums, or using our Contact form!


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