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Spooks, Ghouls, and Photoshop Tools: The Ultimate Collection of Halloween Tutorials

Spooks, Ghouls & Photoshop Tools: The Ultimate Collection of Halloween Tutorials is packed full of great tutorials, as well as a few other bolts and screws linking you to great inspiration sources.

Halloween is here once again, and every year a bunch of awesome inspirational posts, design tutorials and horror-style typefaces come along with it, not to mention all of the brilliant (and sometimes awful) slasher and zombie movies. This year we’re being treated with several movies (Zombieland, Saw VI and Halloween II) which are sure to provide lots of design inspiration in one way or another, whether it’s the film itself or the bloody movie posters is yet another mystery for Scooby Doo and gang.

Halloween Tutorials

Vintage Horror Movie Poster

Create a Vintage Horror Movie Poster for Halloween

Use simple photo-manipulation and colour adjustment techniques to produce an awesome vintage poster in Photoshop.

Grunge Photo Manipulation

Grunge Photo Manipulation Technique

Use textures and blending modes to create grungy and scary photo manipulations in Photoshop.

Glowing Monster Eyes

Glowing Monster Eyes at Night

A simple beginners tutorial teaching you how to use adjustment layers to create glowing monster eyes in Photoshop.

Zombie Photo Manipulation

Zombie Photo Manipulation Technique

Use colour adjustments, built in Photoshop patterns and blending modes to create a scary Zombie photo manipulation.

Samara 'The Ring' Movie Effect

Samara ‘The Ring’ Horror Movie Effect

Use textures, blurs and animation techniques to produce an animated GIF image in Photoshop similar to that used in ‘The Ring’.

The Ghost in the Old House Photo Manipulation

The Ghost in the Old House Photo Manipulation

Use advanced photo manipulation techniques in Photoshop to produce a realistic haunted house photograph.

Ghost Photo Manipulation Technique

Ghost Photo Manipulation Technique

Use blurs, masks and glows in Photoshop to produce a scary ghost photo manipulation.

Halloween Paper Flat Pack Toy

Design and Create Your Own Fun Flat Pack Toy

Use the Pen Tool in Illustrator to create your own ‘Frankenspoon’ paper flat pack toy.

Freakish Zombie Photo Manipulation Technique

Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps

Use adjustment layers, the burn tool and other advanced manipulation techniques in Photoshop to produce a realistic Zombie photo.

Halloween Pumpkin

Create a Halloween Pumpkin

Use the pen tool and colouring techniques in Photoshop to design your very own Pumpkin.

Scary Clown Manipulation

Scary Clown Photo Manipulation Technique

Use various tools and techniques in Photoshop to produce a scary clown image of your favourite TV star!

Grungy Dark Art Manipulation

Grungy Dark Art Photo Manipulation Technique

Use advanced manipulation techniques in Photoshop to produce a dark art photo manipulation.

Halloween Invite Poster

Fun Halloween Poster

Use photo manipulation techniques in Illustrator to produce a vector based Halloween poster.

Blood Technique

Realistic Dripping Blood Technique

Create realistic dripping blood using burn & dodge, smudge, sponge, sharpen and healing brush tools in Photoshop.

Dark Scary Eye

Dark Scary Eye

Use textures and adjustment layers in Photoshop to produce a scary dark eye.

Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper

Carve a Pumpkin using just Photoshop tools (no need to carve a real Pumpkin!) and create a cool Halloween wallpaper.

Skull Face

Skull Face Photo Manipulation

Combine two photographs together in Photoshop using easy photo manipulation techniques.

Photo Montaging Halloween Theme

Photo Montaging Halloween Theme

Use various stock photos and brushes to make a fun Halloween theme montage in Photoshop

Halloween Zombie Manipulation

Halloween Zombie Photo Manipulation

Use stock photos, textures and blending modes in Photoshop to produce a freaky cracked Zombie portrait.

Vamperize Gwen Stefani

Vamperize Gwen Stefani

Use simple manipulation techniques in Photoshop to produce an awesome Vampire portrait photograph.

Scary Inspiration


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