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Tutorial9 Preview Update #1

It’s only been 3 days since the Tutorial9 Preview launch, and we’re already hard at work on adding new features, and responding to your feedback. Take a look at some of the updates so far:

Member Notifications

One of the big goals of the new Tutorial9 is cultivating a fun, and helpful social experience. We’ve got our work cut out for us in this ambition.

Member notifications are the first step in providing more meaningful discussion on the site. With notifications, tracking your personal discussions on Tutorial9 is much easier. If someone replies to a comment you make, you can quickly jump to that comment and follow-up if you choose to (or give them an upvote if they were helpful!)

Comment reply notifications will especially come in handy in socially geared forums on Tutorial9, something you’ll hear more about very soon.

The system can only track discussions for registered Tutorial9 members. At the moment, only comment replies are tracked, but further functionality is planned (link approved/denied, tracking specific discussions). An option to receive email updates is also in the works.

New Stickers

We’ve added several new stickers in the first few days post-launch. Many more are planned (as well as a system for creating your own).

The new stickers are Talkative, 30 Comments, and The Big One-Zero-Zero. They are unlocked for leaving 10, 30, and 100 comments.

More stickers coming soon folks! We’ve had to focus a lot of our efforts on fixing some bugs this week!

We <3 hearing from you

It really makes our day when people let us know how we’re doing (the good & bad, it’s all very useful to us)! Let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or if you have a bone to pick with us.


  • Added a notifications system that shows users replies to comments they’ve made. Additional notification types coming soon.
  • Fixed an error that was not allowing users to recover passwords.
  • New Stickers added: “Talkative”, “30 Comments”, “The Big One-One-Zero”
  • Minor style fixes (Thanks Andrew for help with CSS3 Transitions)
  • Thumbnails no longer required when submitting links to speed up the process. Thumbnails generated by Tutorial9 staff.
  • Share buttons added to posts, downloads, and links (Twitter & Facebook).
  • Default Tutorial9 Feed now shows posts and links. [Custom feeds coming soon]
  • Performance tweaks.


  1. Add point Subtract point

    I like the new tutorial9 ! :) To update a profile, we have to type a new password or re-type the password again… is this normal ?

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  2. Add point Subtract point

    Perhaps I missed it, but I would like to be able to look up posts I made through my account, posts as in thread comments, and be able to read the comments others have made via a link in their profile.

    Is also getting a facelift after the preview period or is this how it will look?

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  3. Add point Subtract point

    The site is nice funktionally, although I dislike that you dont have your own tutorials.

    The site feels lika a very funktional well-programmed shell, without its skinn. The site needs a design, right now it feels like you just pulled something together to make the shell have some temporary solution.

    Some buttons and a gradient with a very common blue color, nothing special at all.

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  4. Add point Subtract point

    I always loved your site and now you are going to the next level. Making changes keeps it interesting.

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  5. Add point Subtract point

    Can i also suggest actually that we can ‘favourite’ posts. Similar to the way you can favourite tweets on twitter. There are a LOT of posts that come through the site and some we may want for a later date could possiabley get lost!

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  6. Add point Subtract point

    Do you guys still buy tutorials? Would really hope to have that feature back.

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  7. Add point Subtract point

    I like the new direction and features of the updated T9. I’m not digging the new design that much though, I like minimalism but this feels a bit too empty/flat and the color scheme is quite common.

    I did some browsing of the older photography tutorials, the rollover effect is not working (using FF if that helps).

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  8. Add point Subtract point

    Wouldn’t it be useful when the ‘Bliss Meter’ scores are shown in the/a list of articles?
    That way people can easily distinguish good and better links from one another, and find what they are looking for even quicker.
    A ‘rank on score’ functionality would be even better!

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  9. Add point Subtract point

    This is a nice positive step towards making the site more social and networked. Look forward to further changes!

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  10. Add point Subtract point

    Can you make an old version of the site? Pleaseeeee…
    I cannot even more navigate to bookmarked tuts, is boooooriinnnnnnnng..
    Gimme back the old site with the new function and I will be soooo happy.. this site for me is now tooooo bright, really!

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    It’s pretty simple and I love it,Keep good working guys

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  12. Add point Subtract point

    I dig the minimalistic look. I like the idea of tut9, provide the best links from all over the web and when you do your own tuts or resources they’re always of a high standard. Plus an awesome community.

    Props guys!

    Things that should hopefully come:
    more community interaction, forums so people can talk and collaborate.

    Just putting it out there, I’m not a fan of any ‘subscription, pay for premium content’ services offered and when I do, I usually want a ‘one off’ payment.

    I’m a fan of GoMedia’s 2hr long video tutorial and I don’t mind paying for value and high quality content/tips.

    I dislike subscriptions to anything :)

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  13. Add point Subtract point

    Build personal Fav. List or Fav a posts.
    Facebook application that show the user submited stuff.
    More biutifful user submitted stuff array just like Team forest users list with badges.

    … Soooo much ideas for you guys!

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  14. Add point Subtract point

    Update the design? Have a mobile site, maybe?

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  15. Add point Subtract point

    I now had start my first big big website project and those idea you have for your own website put in my head some even more idea.

    I have a question… What is thé chart points give ?

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  16. Add point Subtract point

    The new T9 is awesome guys. Keep working!

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  17. Add point Subtract point

    there should be a category for original post from T9

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  18. Add point Subtract point

    ohhh nooo… i will miss the old design, was so perfect… but i like this one, nice work!

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  19. Add point Subtract point

    Loving the new T9, I didnt expect something like this.
    You guys have totally surprised me and done a great job.
    All this whole idea is kinda revolutionary in my opinion.
    Good luck! ;)

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  20. Add point Subtract point

    Seeing my name on the front page made my day :) thank you for that.

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  21. Add point Subtract point

    There’s no more option for selecting a picture for a submission. Why?
    Also, the sticker idea is great, waiting for more of them, thanks. :)

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  22. Add point Subtract point
    Vivek Parmar (-1 Points) December 9, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    good work will see more features to be added here. Wish you all the best and look forward to see something new

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  23. Add point Subtract point

    Why do the RSS feeds show duplicates?

    Also the RSS is messed up, I have to come to Tutorial9 to click on some links e.g (The Realistic folded paper effect).. It’s ridiculous and I’m thinking of just unsubscribing.

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  24. Add point Subtract point

    Good work! I’m looking forward to more new features!

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