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Harden Your WordPress Website Security

Hackers never strike at an opportune time. Take a few minutes to go over this simple list of actions that will help bolster your defenses against impending attacks on your WordPress install.

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Posted by vlad on Dec 10th, 2010


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    Your post is useful for newbie, I’m currently writing a new WordPress security plugin to auto block IP based on the number of website request connect. Maybe it will be doned around 2-3 weeks next.

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      How does something like that work? I remember sometime ago, I had a website on a shared hosting service, and I believe they had software that would auto-ban IP’s that made too many requests to connect. Pretty sure it was to stop (or at least help prevent) the server from going down due to DDoS attacks.

      I remember having to switch to another provider though since a lot of normal visitors were being banned. It could very well be that the software wasn’t properly configured. Does a request occur on each page load? If so, how can you tell the real users from the malicious ones?

      Or do you just set it to a high enough number that anyone exceeding it couldn’t be a normal user, heh :D

      Let us know when you’re finished with the plugin!

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