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Your Rights as a Photographer

Photographers keep facing more and more questions and charges for breaking the law, making it important now so more than ever to understand your rights and responsibilities as a photographer. In this article, we’ll go over such rights, as well as Model Releases.

First a quick note, your rights and the laws surrounding photography vary from country to country and even from state to state, so always make sure what laws are in force in your area.

Where and What can I photograph?

Know your rightsThe general rule is that you can photograph mostly anything you like as long as it’s in a public place. You do not need to have permission to photograph in public, this include photographing building and parks as well as people that are in public areas.

If you’re on public property you can even photograph private property, for example standing on the street and photographing someone’s garden. If you are on private property you can photograph until someone ask you to stop (a sign prohibiting photography counts as well) and you must obey such a request.

There are exceptions to this rule, for example military installations or other subjects that can be classed as national security. However infrastructures such as bridges are not included in such a list. Another exception is, even in a public space, places like dressing rooms, restrooms or people entering their code at the ATM machine — photographing at these places counts as invading a person’s privacy.

So to summarize, here are some examples of things you can photograph, if you’re in a public space you can photograph adults, children, law enforcement officers, accidents, criminal activities, celebrities, airports and train stations.

What to do when people question you

There is a good chance that somewhere along the way in your photography experience, someone is going to confront you. Everything from regular citizens to security personal and law enforcement officers might question your activity and ask you to stop photographing. They might say it’s for security reason and refer to acts like terrorism, this is not a valid reason for them to ask you to stop what you are doing. As long as you’re in a public space you have the right to photograph.

First of all, act politely and stay as calm as possible. You do not need to explain why you are there or what you are photographing. In most cases you do not need to disclose your identity (depending on your country/state you might need to do so if it’s a law enforcement officer that is requesting).

You do not need to give them your camera/memory card nor do you need to delete the images. Unless they have a court order or are arresting you (again, depending on your location) they have no right to take your equipment.

If you are asked to delete photographs or asked to hand over your equipment ask for their identity and who they work for. Also ask what legal reason they cite for doing this to you. If this happens to you, you might want to consider taking legal action or contact your local newspaper.

How and Where can I use/publish my photographs?

Okay, so you have the right to photograph mostly anything, but are you allowed to do whatever you want with the photographs you took? The short answer is: No, there are rules and laws surrounding how you publish and distribute your photographs.

Once again, I cannot stress this enough, the laws are not the same all around the world so make sure you know what the laws says in your area before you do something you will later regret. A wrong decision can end up costing you a lot of money, not to mention your reputation as a respectable photographer.

In most areas the main difference in your rights is depending on if the photograph is used commercially or not. If your photograph is not commercial, i.e. considered art, you have much more rights to publish and use your photograph. For example, in most countries you are allowed to publish and sell photographs that are considered art without a legal release from the model/person in the photo. This means that you can go around the city photographing people in everyday situations and sell the prints or have a show at a gallery without notifying the people you photograph.

However if you intend to use the photograph in any commercial situation you will need a model release from the model. An important note is that if you sell the photograph to a commercial agency they are responsible for getting the model release from both the model and you as the photographer. If they publish your photograph without a model release you are not to blame — however all serious agencies requires a model release for every photograph they buy.

There is one gray spot though, photographers portfolios. They are used to display your work, just like commercials, but in most countries they are considered art and you do not need a model release to publish a photo on your portfolio.

News photographs, even though they can be used to sell newspapers, do not require a model release to be published and sold.

As you can see this is a rather complex issue, and I haven’t even talked about how different it is from country to country, so it’s important that you check this yourself before doing a job.

Model release

I’ve talked quite a lot about model release, which is a form of a legal document that basically states that you as a photographer holds the rights to the photograph and can do what you want with it. These legal releases can be made very simple or they can be quite detailed; in most cases a simple one will do just fine. Before doing a large-scale job, contacting a lawyer will be well worth the money to avoid any legal problems later on.

I have designed two different samples of model releases, which could be used as a guide to what you might need/want. These samples are not intended for actual use, they are supplied as guides and should be used as such.

The first one is a standard model release to be used when photographing a model for commercial use. It gives the photographer complete rights to the photographs.

Download Model Release Sample 1

The second one is a specific model release for a type of modeling that is becoming more and more common, Time-For-Print. Time-For-Print is the idea that the model gives you his/her time and for that they receive an agreed upon amount of prints for compensation. This is common for models starting out and wanting to build up a portfolio and for photographers doing the same thing. This model release is more flexible and gives options on what compensation the model is expected to receive.

Download Model Release Sample 2

If you’re doing a planned photography session with people; models, weddings, children etc. always have them sign a model release. It’s for your own safety! Do not just throw the paper on the counter and force them to sign it, it’s important that they understand what they are signing and explain what it is. They are signing away their rights to the photograph of themselves or their children; it’s understandably that they might have some questions or concerns so you should be thorough.


I am not a lawyer and this text should not be seen as legal advice. If you need legal advice contact a local lawyer whom have knowledge in this field.

Laws are different from country to country and even state-to-state, so contact a lawyer or local law enforcement office for specific laws in your area. Another good advice is to contact a local newspaper, they often have good knowledge what photography related laws are in place in the area they work in.


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    She’s a fellow photographer and the reason we are not friends now is that we got into an argument about a shoot we’d done– she’d put some photos up on her on gallery facebook from the shoot without getting a model release first, and she swore it was okay because she owned them as the photographer, and I wasn’t too clear on that.

    When we parted ways, she demanded I take down the pictures of her and her family because SHE owned them, even though, following her logic, I am the photographer and therefore owned them.

    Who’s right here? I’d like to know if I can use the photos on my website, mostly, since that was her logic and it didn’t matter to her that this other family cared.

    Any info is appreciated!

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      Joanne Bartone, Photographer (2 Points) January 24, 2010 at 9:44 pm

      if you took the photos with your own equipment, they belong to you. however, that you have had conflict w/ this other photographer and she has requested you remove them, then removing them would be the right thing to do. recreate the images with another client to avoid further conflict. …just my personal and professional opinion.

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    if a verbal agreement was made between the model, designer, make-up artist, cosmetologist, and photographer to offer their services in exchange for the photos to be made accessible to all parties; does the photographer have the right to withhold the photos. No release forms were signed. the photographer, designer, and model are students, and the make-up artist and cosmetologist are licensed professionals.

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    This article doesn’t mention “work for hire”. It’s worth looking into if you plan on doing commercial work or any work at the behest of someone else. The rules of who owns the copyright in the work are very specific.

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    *I have specifically emphasized, on my website, that my photography is not to be used for commercial purposes, only for personal use.
    *By not selling for commercial use, am I protected legally?
    *Does selling my photos of the event infringe on the rights of the organizer who hires a photographer and also sells photos of the event on their website?
    *If I sell photos of adults and children attending the public event, as well as racers, can I sell them without a model release, or other kind of release?
    *I have checked with the Forest Service and they say I can take still photos on FS lands the races go through, and I can sell them. They say the necessity of a permit only refers to filming.

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    It was certainly essential for my studies and subsequent work!

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    “Fear aside, there aren’t many legal restrictions on what you can photograph from a public place that’s already in public view. If you’re harassed, it’s almost certainly a law enforcement official, public or private, acting way beyond his authority. There’s nothing in any post-9/11 law that restricts your right to photograph.

    This is worth fighting. Search “photographer rights” on Google and download one of the several wallet documents that can help you if you get harassed; I found one for the UK, US, and Australia. Don’t cede your right to photograph in public. Don’t propagate the terrorist photographer story. Remind them that prohibiting photography was something we used to ridicule about the USSR. Eventually sanity will be restored, but it may take a while.”

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    I’ve been out of town and quite busy lately, so I haven’t been able to reply until now, sorry.

    @Tom J Nowell: I’m from Sweden myself, but yeah most of the text is based on the US/UK laws. Most laws around the EU are quite similar as well, but I don’t know much about specific photography related laws in places like Asia, Africa or South America.

    @Peter: Andrew W gave you a good answer that I think is correct as well. I don’t think you need a permit for a commercial shoot just because you’re in a public place. At least that is not the case here in Sweden, and it’s not something I’ve read on US/UK based photo sites.

    @Ryan Hicks: I haven’t read the book myself but it looks like a great resource (and way more detailed than this article was ever intended to be).

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    @Peter: I’m not positive, but I don’t think you need any kind of permit for a commercial shoot unless you’re a physical obstacle and/or need a police detail. So if you and your model are on a city sidewalk in front of a building and you’re using natural light, no permit needed. But if it’s you and your model, plus lighting equipment with wires strung to a power supply, and pedestrians can’t get around you without stepping into traffic, you’d need a permit simply so the city and the photographer both have it on record that you’ve had your safety obligations explained to you.

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