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Create a Realistic Pencil Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will take you step-by-step on how I created this pencil and paper scene. This tutorial is written for advanced users who already have a general understanding of the tools and techniques commonly used in Photoshop. Enjoy!

The Final Image

This is what we will be creating:

Pencil and Paper: Final Image

Step 1: Setting Up the Document

Create a new Photoshop Document (File>New) at 850px x 600px.

Document Creation

Use the Gradient Tool to make a subtle gradient (I used two shades of blue)

Document with Gradient

Step 2: Creating the Pencil Body

Create new group called ‘Pencil’ with a new layer inside called ‘Body’

Body Layer

Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, create a long rectangle that will become the pencil’s body and fill with a red color

Pencil Body

Add bevel and emboss with these settings:

Pencil Bevel Settings

Your image should look like this:

Pencil Bevel

Step 3: Adding to the Pencil

Create a new layer named ‘Wood’. On this layer, create a
square with the rectangular marquee tool and fill with black.

Black Box

Select two different shades of tan for your Background and Foreground colors, then go to Filter>Render>Fibers to add fibers to the box with the following settings:

Creating Fibers

Your image should resemble this:

Fiber Box

Step 4: Sharpening the Pencil

Transform (Ctrl/Cmd + T) the layer ‘Wood’ to a tapered shape. Place the
shape over the ‘Body’ layer as shown:

Sharpened Pencil

Add a bevel and emboss:

Tip Bevel Settings

Your image should look like this (be sure to erase any areas of the pencil that
stick past the wood)

Tip Bevel

Step 5: Defining the Pencil Tip

Create a new brush by opening up the Brushes Pallete and applying
these settings (dont forget to save the brush preset):

Tip Brush 1
Tip Brush 2

Use the new brush to erase the top and bottom of the wooden tip

Defined Tip

Step 6: Adding a Graphite Tip

Create a new layer called ‘Tip’ and place it under the ‘Wood’ layer.

Tip Layer

Select a brush size of 6px and paint a graphite tip. Give it a bevel and emboss with the following settings:

Graphite Bevel Settings

Your image should look like this:

Pencil with Graphite

Step 7: Rotating into Place

Rotate (Ctrl/Cmd + T) the pencil to a desired position. This can be done easily by selecting the entire ‘Pencil’ group

Positioning Pencil

Step 8: Creating the Highlights

Create a new brush with the following settings:

Brush 2 settings

Step 9: Adding Highlights

Use the new brush to paint a highlight over the tip of the pencil. (A size
3 brush
should work well).

Tip Highlight

Using the same brush on a new layer called ‘Highlights’, add some highlights (using white) and some lowlights (using a darker red) to the pencil. Vary the sizes as shown:

Body Highlights

Adjust the layers opacity to 30%

Multiple Highlights

Step 10: Finishing the Highlights

Create second new layer called ‘Highlights2′ and use the same brush to add a final highlight over the body of the pencil as shown in the image. Change the opacity to 76%

Final Highlight

Step 11: Adjusting the Hierarchy

Create a new group and call it ‘Pencil Shadows’. Place it under the ‘Pencil’ folder

Highlight Strokes

Step 12: Preparing for Shadows

Make a copy the ‘Pencil’ group and select ‘Merge Group’

Merge Group

Use the levels to change the merged image to all black

Adjust Levels

Rename this layer to ‘Shadows’ and place it inside the ‘Pencil Shadows’ group. Make 2 copies of this layer and name them as shown:

Setting up Shadow Layers

Step 13: Adding the Shadows

Select the ‘Shadows’ layer: Transform the shadow to the position shown:

Shadow1 Adjust

Add a Gaussian Blur of 1.0 pixels and give the layer an Opacity of 18%.

Shadow1 Final

Easier Work Flow

It may help to hide the shadow layers you aren’t using.

Select the ‘Shadows2′ layer and Transform the layer as shown:

Shadow2 Adjust

Give this an Opacity of 3%

Shadow2 Final

Select the ‘Shadows3′ layer. Transform it as shown:

Shadow3 Adjust

Give this layer a Gaussian Blur of 13.0 pixels and an Opacity of 45%

Shadow3 Final

Step 14: Finishing the Shadows

Create a new layer called ‘Zero Shadow’. Use a brush (sized at 13 pixels and 100% hardness) to add a black line immediately under the pencil.

Zero Shadow Line

Give this layer a Motion Blur of around 140 pixels at the same angle as the pencil. Set the layer’s Opacity to 80%

Zero Shadow Blur

Finding Angles

A quick way to find the angle in Photoshop is to select the ruler tool and use it to draw a line in any direction. The number next to the ‘A’ in the Info Pallette (F8) is the angle. you can use the line tool the same way, just make sure to delete the line.

Copy the layer you just worked on and give it a Gaussian Blur of 3 pixels and an Opacity of 44%

Zero Shadow2

Unhide all of the shadow layers

Final Shadows

Step 15: Adding Paper

Create a new group called ‘Paper’. Inside this group folder, create a new layer
called ‘Paper’.

Paper Layers

Use the rectagular marquee tool to create the shape of a peice of paper and fill with #f1f1e9

Adding Paper

Step 16: Transforming the Paper

Transform the ‘Paper’ layer so that it appears in perspective:

Transforming Paper

Step 17: Adding Shadows to the Paper

Make a copy of the ‘Paper’ layer, name it ‘Paper Shadows’ and place it below the original ‘Paper’ layer

Paper Shadow Layers

Adjust its levels as follows:

Paper Shadows Levels

Give this layer a Gaussian Blur of 1.1 px

Paper Shadows Blur

Step 18: Adding More Shadows to the Paper

Copy the layer ‘Paper Shadows’

Paper Shadow2

Give this layer a Gaussian blur of 30px and an Opacity of 10%

Paper Shadow2 Blur

Step 19: Adding Depth to the Paper

Select the ‘Paper’ layer and go to Filter>Liquify. Use the liquify filter to make the edges of the paper appear uneven

Paper Liquify

Your image should resemble this:

Paper Final

Step 20: You’re Done!

The image is done.
If you want, you can add a reflection and some sketches to complete the scene:

To add a reflection, just copy the ‘Pencil’ group and merge it, then position the reflection appropriately and give it a low opacity setting.

To add a sketch, simply create a one on a new layer and transform it into perspective.

Pencil Final


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    Diggler (1 Point) May 5, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Hella useful! Easy to understand with great results. Thanks for this.

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    Thanks for a great tutorial which was very well explained. Only one point to make … as the highlights are shown on the front face of the pencil, I believe that the shadow should therefore be shown behind and not in front of the pencil. This is a physics point and in no way a comments on the skill of the illustration or photoshop technique.

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    rscndesign (1 Point) October 23, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Excelente tutorial, te felicito.

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    I like it! There are indeed many tutorials on how to create a wood texture but this is really good. Thanks!

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    thankyou.awesome work! looks like real pencil!

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    Step 15: Adding Paper,,,
    my paper barricade my pencil why?

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    andreas (-1 Points) September 1, 2010 at 10:53 am

    the liquify tool doesn’t work. you must have a black background merged into the paper layer I guess to make the filter work?

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    When I first saw the pencil, I thought it was real!!

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    Scrapsforever (1 Point) August 20, 2010 at 9:09 am

    Great piece of work.Nice use of brush strokes and shadow which shows realistic feel in the pencil

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    Bravo! Esti foarte talentat. Am descoperit tutorialele tale pe Facebook pentru ca ti-au publicat cei de la Illustrator una din compozitii pe pagina oficiala.

    Mult succes in continuare!

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    amazing tutorial with some techniques. thanks

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    great tutorial. the final product is very much realistic

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    Alfredo (1 Point) August 10, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    I see lots of tutorials regularly… but this one is really amazing, not for creating a pencil and a paper (let’s be honest, who would want to do that?) but for the way in which you create the shadows, and I didn’t know the “fibers” trick either… thanks! great work

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    It look`s great! I like it :-)

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    I don’t get the part where you have to transform the “wood” layer, how can you make that shape with the normal transform tool?

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    idée maline, super tuto et super resultat

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