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Creating a Typographic Wallpaper

After writing my previous tutorial here about Creating a Zune in Photoshop, several viewers asked if I’d share how I created the wallpaper graphic. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make something similar, and it’s quite easy!


What is Typography?

In order to create a typographic wallpaper, it would make sense to know a bit about Typography in the first place. Typography is the art and technique of arranging movable type. What does this mean? It means that text itself portrays a message all of its own. Its location, font-family, font-style, color and size all determine the message it portrays. Using a really blocky font for a wedding image wouldn’t make sense, because blocky text isn’t elegant or extravagant, like cursive and curly fonts can be. While this tutorial won’t focus on the essence of typography, understanding what makes type look good will help to create a great design.

This is by no means an in depth look at typography. Typography is a subject folks have written many, many books on, and there is a lot to be learned about it. I’d definitely suggest picking up a book like "Thinking With Type" if it’s something you find interest in.

Step 1 – Creating the Background

The background of our wallpaper is going to help set the mood. Using a dark background will allow us to make the typography we use later really stand out of our image.

Create a new document with the dimensions you desire. My desktop is 1280x1024px, so that will be my document size. Set your foreground color to a dark gray (#111111) and your background color to black (#000000). Then grab the Radial Gradient Tool and create a light to dark gradient near the center of your document.


Step 2 – Setting Our Text Boundary

Since I want my text to be in the shape of a 9 (in relation to 2009 and Tutorial9), the easiest way to achieve the shape is going to be to create a large 9 and then use it to place our other text. To accomplish this, grab your Type Tool. Then place a 750px 9 using the font Century Gothic set to bold so that it is located in front of the center of your gradient. I also set my to the color #6dcff6 since my font will look blue later. Then lower the opacity of the layer to around 20%, since it is only being used as a guide.


Step 3 – Placing the Type

Now that we have our boundary area, we are ready to start adding our type. Before jumping into the vast pool of words to fill the 9, think about what you want ahead of time. Since my wallpaper is related to Tutorial9, I will fill mine with words that define the site, such as Photoshop, Design, and Tutorials.

We also need to think of how different we want the type to appear. Do we limit ourselves to one font? I’m going to only use the font Century Gothic, because it has a strong yet clean look, and will allow me to easily fit the font into the 9. Feel free to use multiple fonts in your own work. Since I’m only using one font, I’m limited to ways I can make each phrase stand out. For this, I can use different font sizes and styles. I can increase the size of a font and make it bold so that it stands out, or I can make it smaller and use a crisp or smooth style to make it more subtle.


Step 4 – Coloring the Text

Now that we have a vast stream of words filling our 9, we need to make this image look amazing! Lets start by lowering the opacity of our 9 to around 2%. This way it will help give some border around our text, but not too noticeable.


Then place all of your text layers (except the 9) into a Group (Layer > New > Group). Duplicate the group by right clicking it and selecting Duplicate Group. Click OK when the dialog box appears. The reason we duplicated the group is so that we can merge all of our text layers into one. With the new group selected, right click it and select Merge Group. This will take all of the layers in our group and place them onto a single layer. Now you can hide the group that still has all of the text layers in it since we have this single layer with all of our text.

Select your merged layer in your layers palette and add a Gradient Overlay (Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay). I used a nice green (#48a248) for the bottom and a blue (#3bb2f7) for the top.


Step 5 – Adding a Title

Let’s add a nice title to our wallpaper. I’m going to add the text Happy New Year (Centruy Gothic / 36px / Italic) and use the same gradient overlay as before, except from left to right instead. Then I’m going to add the text Tutorial9 Staff (Century Gothic / 24px / Italic) with the color #736357.


Step 6 – Adding Texture

Now let’s add a texture over our image. I grabbed an image off of Place the texture on a new layer on top of your document. De-saturate the image (Ctrl+Shift+U) and set the layer to Overlay.


Step 7 – Re-Colorization

In the next steps, we are going to add some more random and vibrant color to our image.

Create a new layer and set your foreground to #6dcff6 and background to #000000. Then go to Filter > Render > Clouds. After your layer is filled with a mixture of blue and black “clouds”, set the layer to Overlay and lower the Opacity to 25%.


Create another new layer and change your background color to white. Once again go to Filter > Render > Clouds to fill your layer with blue and white “clouds”. Then set your layer to Overlay and lower the Opacity to around 70%.


Simple enough?

As you can see, the hardest part of this tutorial was filling the document was text. Adding effects was actually quite simple. After learning all of the tools in Photoshop you will find yourself creating complex works with minimal effort! Feel free to experiment and create your own unique works.


To get the effect above, I created a new layer and went to Image > Apply Image. Then I used a Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and set the layer to Lighten with 35% Opacity. After that, I created a Gradient Map (Layer > New Adjust Layer > Gradient Map) that went from #ec008c to #e77418. Finally, I set the gradient map layer to Vivid Light.


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    Roxanne (2 Points) April 17, 2011 at 2:43 am

    hey, i couldnt get the gradient map to work. i am using elements 7

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    Travis (-2 Points) February 28, 2011 at 12:17 am

    here is my crack at this. I don’t think its to bad

    wonderful tutorial

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    Dwyane Sumicad (0 Points) February 3, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    This tutorial was really helpful. I was in pinch because i had to an Art Scholarship competition and i had no ideas. I stumbled on this site this morning and the ideas came pouring to my head. I used this typhography tutorial on a silhouette. It was very very tedious but it was worth the effort and time! One question though – on the last effect with the red glow on the back ground im having problems with it. I created a new layer but i dont know what to apply to the image. I tried everything but when i try to apply motion blur its telling me that its empty. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

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    OK for anyone who is still having issues with getting the text into the 9 it is actually quite simple, just a little time consuming. There is no nice way to have it auto-fill into the 9.

    You have to manually create new text layers, type your word or phrase, and then move it to the position you want it to be. I ended up having like 80 text layers. I know its daunting but in the end it is worth it since you have control over everything you are doing!

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    Dreamer (1 Point) February 1, 2011 at 2:32 am

    This is awesome, except I can’t figure out how to make the gradient for my text fade from maroon to gray, rather than just the standard black to white. Help?

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    Vadavoom (0 Points) January 29, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    That looks cool. I’d love to be able to do it. Unfortunately, the tutorial does not demonstrate how to put the type into the number 9…

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    seo freelance hyderabad (0 Points) January 22, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Awesome tutorial, will help newbies, thanks for your article

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    vroni (-1 Points) January 11, 2011 at 5:07 am

    nice tutorial :)

    but i have a question:

    i am not able to do the last step, to make the 9 shiny!
    does it also work with photoshop CS3?
    and how? i only have the german version of CS3 so it is a bit difficult to translate every step of it in german.

    would be nice if i get an answer soon ( i need the thing for university pretty soon..)

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    Hi there, is there a simply way of filling up the 9 with words. It seems to be a daunting task of type in all the words with different font size and style.

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    CreativeJH (0 Points) January 9, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Great Work !
    Thanks to your creative inspiration. :D

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    amazing, but yet so simple.

    Although im way to lazy to fill the letter/number up with words.. :o

    nice job

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    ds51-A (0 Points) December 6, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Step 3 is very very simple
    All u need to do is to place words with different fonts, sizes and styles (crisp, sharp, bold, regular etc)

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    i got it all.. i’d already finished mine..:DD

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    STEP 3 wasnt clear at all… please help. i have the 9 but i dont know how to get the text inside.

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    ok , so i have a problem .. from the first step , how do i put all that text into photoshop , i have to write it all ?

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    Bobby Bradley (1 Point) November 1, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Hey, I’ve been wondering how you got that red haze around the 9. Is that just part of the texture, because I actually used a different texture that I liked with an Opacity of 50%.

    Here’s the free texture I used:

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    شكرآ جزيلا على الدرس الرائع والجميل جدآ

    تحياتى / محمد

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    IndoorSnowStorm (0 Points) October 25, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Wow! This tutorial worked like a miracle! Thanks Tyler!

    P.S. I use Photoshop Elements 8 and it works!

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    fj shield (0 Points) October 22, 2010 at 12:14 am

    thank you for this tutorial, was a great help!

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    I love how it never shows you how to type in your picture. Just another useless tutorial that leaves me stuck. I have my number 4 im doing, but no explanation of how to type inside the 4….

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    Awesome tutorial! Really!! Very well layed out and incredibly easy to follow.

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    Crystal (1 Point) August 26, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    I am currently studying typography and this will make an excellent background for my final project which is a magazine layout. Thank you so much for the tutorial and fantastic work!

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    Many thanks.


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    christian (1 Point) July 15, 2010 at 1:08 am

    tengo un problema y es que no puedo rellenar el gran numero debido a que hago click para escribir pero me aparece para modificar el numero

    I have a problem and I can not fill the large number because I click to write but I get to change the number

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    I am confused.. how do you the words into the big 9? Can someone email and tell me please! Thanks!!

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    JinxC (2 Points) April 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Thanks for this Tutorial! It’s great.

    To everyone looking for shortcuts, don’t. You will only get the best results by manually moving the text. It took me three sittings but I did it! Start with the big words or words you want in a big font and fill in spaces with small words. I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom.

    Heres what I did:

    Thanks again!

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    what editor did they use here?? adobe photoshop? what kind?
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    Design is really awesome, but I had a issue how to fulfill the shape with letters and I found another tutorial which explains that process:
    but after this tutorial I still have a question for you, how to fulfill the shape on the way you did in this tutorial, to have different sizes letters and to fulfill all empty space all around?

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      as everybody is saying using the text tool but we have a simpler way of doing that..
      create a new file of a any size(example 800px-600px
      using the text tool write any word that you want to incorporate into your final project..
      lets say you type the word “xyz” give it a style(arial black bold) when you finish right click on the layer and rasterize type. now using the marquee tool select the word “xyz” the go to edit and then define brush preset and give your brush a name. repeat with different word that you want to use…

      get back to your project and use the brush and enjoy…simpler that using the text tool everytime and it reduce the file size as you got less layer.

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    How about suggesting shortcuts for duplicating layers and modifying text?

    Or at least explaining that there is no quick way to do this…

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    Tyler Bramer (2 Points) December 16, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    I had about 80 text layers while I made this. They were all kept inside a group so that I could duplicate and then merge them. I manually went and typed each word/phrase inside the 9. This is the only way to ensure that they don’t get cut off.

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    I too had a lot of frustration adding the text into the number….so I did’nt. The short cut I took was…

    1) Writng the text in Word and then copying it into a text box (in Photoshop) that surrounded the image.

    2) I rasterized the number and the text.

    3) I used the Magic wand to select the shape of the number.

    4) I used that selection to cut out the words in the shape of the number.

    Your words will be cut off around the shape of the number but, if you can accept that. It can save you hours of time.

    - Chris

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    Danbot (1 Point) June 24, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    Just trying to get my head around the basics, got as far as the 9 but you didn’t say how you got the text to fit!!!!!! I’ve tripped up mid way through a few times on different tutorials because stages have been left out. I know it must be annoying but could you please give as much info as possible. Thanks for all the help!!!!!

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    Ermal (1 Point) June 22, 2009 at 7:08 am

    How do u write text inside 9???!!!!!
    Or we have to write before in different layers the text and after
    erase them one by one???!!

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    d-dim (1 Point) June 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    when i go to layer-> new , i cant find group…
    now i cant gradient my text..
    how do i put al the layers(of words) in one group??

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    Love your site! Thanks for a great tutorial. I’ve used it on the logo for my site. There’s no link on the site to tutorial nine but I’ll be sure to link to you when I’ve finished setting up my blog site. If you ever need any translation to or from Japanese give me a shout. Thanks for sharing!

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    nice work …
    i’ll do this later

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    how to make type tool to 750px ? mine only maximum 96px

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    wonderful.. congratulations

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    Great stuff, will use that I’m sure.

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    tutorial9 is best photoshop tutorials site ever :D

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    Thank you for this!

    I followed your tutorial to the letter (no pun intended :P) and this is what I came up with.

    I owe this to you! :P

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    nwongfeiying (1 Point) May 16, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Incredible! I’ve been studying programming so I haven’t looked into web design as much, but I’ve just started and I found this tutorial to be very useful.

    Thank you for the work.

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    Snap! This is a really cool effect. Simple but elegant!

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    oh , it’s so cute
    i like typographic

    thank you : )

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    this was very helpful, just what the client wanted.

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    this is awesome you rock dear !

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    Hi!Nice tutorial and nice result ;) I want to now if you can let me to post this tutorial on a website ( and i will translate it ;) I will use your pictures with the copyright.Please answer ;) Thx

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    plsssss help me with a video tutorial for this tutorial.THX

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    I still really like this kind of effect. Nice one

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    Good, simple, clen, crisp, NUMBER 9. Hey. It works.

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    This is such a great tutorial. I used it to make my friends logo more interesting

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    great effect and design man! awesome! this really attracts something!

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    awesome tutorial! :D
    I just made one for myself :]

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    what a great design!

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    thank you!!!

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    Honestly guys I really do appreciate the effort to put tutorials out here to help out but it’s no use if the steps are not clearly explained. I’m very new to photoshop and has never used it before and find it difficult to complete any of your tutorials simply because you say to do something and don’t say or show how to get that done. For example how do you set Foreground and Background color????? How do you set the parameters for the gradient?????

    Please be more detailed in the future. Thank you

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    Wow! Very good Design! :D

    Thank you ~

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    i am just learning to use adobe photoshop and you see i have a photoshop 7.0 edition and i don’t know if these tutorials are also applicable to my suite. i hear of CS, CS 2 and CS3, what is the major difference between these editions. please contact me on my mail ad and if possilbe some of the tutorials for Adobe photoshop 7.0. thank you and great site.

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    Wow!.Thanks so much for this tutorial.
    Its really amazing

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    In my opinion building “images” with type has nothing to do with typography, but nevertheless nice written and described tutorial.


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    i jst dnt understand how to place the text in the number !?!

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      Zander (1 Point) May 5, 2009 at 9:19 pm

      I’m not sure what you are using as far as your version of photoshop but I have cs3 and in order to type within the boundaries of the shape here are some steps that you can try. First of all make sure your paths window is turned on by going to window->paths. Secondly create a Text number 9 on the canvas. Once that is done hover over the thumbnail of the number in your layers window and while holding command click it, it should outline the number. Create a new layer then go to the Paths window we opened earlier. at the bottom of the window there should be an icon that is titled “Make work path from selection” once you select it you can then choose your text tool with a smaller font-size than the original number and type inside the object on the canvas. Notice when you hover over the selection area the cursor will change. If you are in the center of the object it will have a cursor with a circle that means the text will fill the inside of the object. If you are on the edge it will have a slanted line through it that means it will type along the edge of the object.

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    Looks good! I’ll see if I can transfer these techniques over to Gimp. I think it should work without many changes. Thank you so far!

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    Sweet as shit. Sweet as shit. Sweet as shit. Shit. Sweet.

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    To get all the leters in the shape of the number i just made a text layer and filled it with random things from some website,
    then i changed the leading form out to 60 so the leters would stay toghetr regardless of the size. lastly i highlited the number nine and just copyd and pasted the text layer voila perfectly ing the number 9

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    Awesome Tutorial !

    Keep Going .

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    Your post has been featured on March’s “Nerdiest of the Net!”

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    Wonderful tutorial! Very well layed out and incredibly easy to follow.

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    The hardist thing is to think of what words to write!

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    Nice work! how do i place the texts at the number? thanks

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    thanks for the tutorial! i like it…

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    Fabulous Photo Gifts (1 Point) March 16, 2009 at 12:22 pm


    Saw this flash up on Twitter and just had to leave a comment – what a cool graphic and quite simple but really effective.

    When i get a mo between photo gift orders, I’ll be popping back to look at some of your other tips.

    Thanks for a great read.

    Jonathan – Fabulous Photo

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    I like the effect, simple and nice! But from step 6, I do not understand Overlay, how to?

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    Very clear and nice tutorial!
    I made my own design with the 7 and put my favorite artists inside:

    Again, many thanks for the tutorial and inspiration! :)

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    This is fantastic Tyler, great work!

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    I didn’t do anything special to align the text with the 9. I simply created new text layers that I moved around and placed in areas I liked, making sure they stayed inside the outline.

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    Perfect tutorial Tyler, love it. Especially the great use of the texture overlay, really adds a great deal of quality to the whole thing!

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    Thank you! i asked about this one :DDD

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    Hey, I have the same question as loswl. How did you manage to align the text with the “9″? Please make it clear. Thank you!

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    This is sharp, Tyler! I will have to do this for a few of my websites. :)

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    Awesome outcome! It takes a really long time to put all the text in the 9 shape, but it is still worth it.

    I especially like that last image – the red one. It has a nice glowing effect.

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