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Retouch and Healing Tools

Photoshop offers a large selection of tools and features for retouching photographs and images. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the common touch-up tools.

Spot Healing Brush Tool

The Spot Healing Brush is primarily used to quickly remove blemishes, imperfections or other unwanted elements from an image. To use it, paint over an imperfection you’d like to get rid of using a suitable brush (brushes can be selected and modified in the options bar). The Spot Healing Brush Tool will automatically try to repair the imperfection by sampling the surrounding area.

This diagram illustrates how to use the spot healing brush tool.

Careful! Although the Spot Healing brush can be a great tool for quick fixes, it’s not always guaranteed to work if the area surrounding the imperfection is busy. Generally speaking, the surrounding area should be an approximate match in color & texture to what you want to take place of the unwanted element in your image.

Healing Brush Tool

The Healing Brush Tool performs a similar function to the spot healing brush tool mentioned above. Instead of automatically trying to determine the lighting, shading, and texture from the surrounding area, the healing brush tool lets you manually select a source, and then paint over an imperfection. To select a source, hold alt and click the desired part of the image. Then paint over the area you wish to replace. As with the Spot Healing Brush Tool, settings such as brush size can be controlled in the options bar.

To heal an area, select a source, and then paint over that area.

Patch Tool

With the Patch Tool, an entire area can be repaired with pixels from another area. Just like the healing brush tool, the patch tool will try to correct lighting, shading, and texture. To use the patch tool, first draw a selection with any of the selection tools (or the patch tool, which will function as a lasso tool). Then, using the patch tool, drag that selection over the destination you want to use to repair that area.

How to use the Patch Tool in Photoshop.

Clone Stamp Tool

The final tool we’ll cover in this tutorial is called the Clone Stamp Tool. The Clone stamp tool allows you to paint with a sample of an image.

Select a source area to use for painting by holding Alt and clicking.  Then paint as you would with any other brush.
Keep in mind that you are not healing/repairing an image when you use the Clone Stamp Tool. Therefore, lighting and shading will not be maintained when you paint over an area. What you see is literally what you get when you paint from a given source, making it very useful in certain situations.

Blur & Sharpen Tools

The Blur and Sharpen Tools allow us to manipulate edges by making them softer or harder. They do exactly what you would expect them to do; blur and sharpen.

Both tools have similar attributes such as Strength (increase or decrease the strength of the tool, or how much it will blur) and the brush, all of which can be adjusted in the Options Bar for each tool. To use the blur or sharpen tool, simply set up the brush to your specification, hold down the mouse button, and hover over the areas you’d like to alter in your image.

How to use the Blur and Sharpen Tools in Photoshop

You should have a pretty good feel of the basic retouching tools by now. The next step in mastering Photoshop is usually learning how to use the painting tools to compliment your photo remastering abilities!


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    @ CJ.H – Thanks mate! You’ve been a real pleasure to have around here! The team and I will continue to try and keep up the quality in all of our future tutorials!

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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of your kind words! Keeps me motivated, and very thankful for our kind community here at Tutorial9.

    @ CJ.H – We’ll be writing for all levels of Photoshop Users here at Tutorial9, and right now I’m pretty fixated on this “School of Photoshop” series. Once I’m through with this, we’ll have a really good base for beginner users to start from, and I can get back to more advanced Photoshop Tutorials ;) Stick around, you won’t be disappointed! Until then, you’re presence in the community is something we consider priceless!

    @ Marcus – With the help of the rest of the staff here at Tutorial9, we are frequently coming up with newer and better ways to better explain and teach. The rollover demonstrations are just one of the many ways we here at Tutorial9 are doing everything we can to help folks like you. You may have also noticed the useful asides that are starting to show up in Tutorials (More Info, Tip, Caution, Note, etc).

    By the way, the beautiful icons used in those asides were designed by our very own Fredrik Silverglimth.

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