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Working with Layers in Photoshop

In Photoshop, layers are used to work on individual parts of an image while not affecting other parts. You might say that layers are like transparency papers stacked on top of one another which can be repositioned and separately drawn on without disturbing each other.

Explaining Layers

Consider the following Graphic created in Adobe Photoshop:

Example Document

To the viewer, this is simply one flat graphic. However, in Photoshop, it is actually 4 separate layers (graphics if you will) stacked on top of one another. There is a Blue Background layer, two separate layers with a T9 Cloud, and a top layer with the “Tutorial9″ text.

Diagram of Photoshop Layers

As you can see, layers are more like transparencies stacked on top of one another, each with something different sketched onto them.

Let’s put this knowledge to use now!

How to use Layers in Photoshop

You may have an easier time understanding how to use layers if we take on a simple task in Photoshop that allows you to play with them yourself. Go ahead and Create a New Document (File > New). Set it up to be 400 x 400px, with a resolution of 72px/inch.

We’re going to create the following graphic using layers:

What we’re making

Filling the Background

Typically, when I’m working in Photoshop, I like to work from the background to the top (probably because that’s how the graphic is seen by viewers), so to start things off we are going to fill our background layer with a nice dull green.

Select a Dull Green Foreground Color. To do this, click your foreground color, and use the color sliders to find a suitable color. Alternatively, you can enter the HEX value 36442a next to the “#” symbol on the lower right side.

How to pick a color

Fill Tool

Click OK to confirm the color value you’ve picked. Now grab the Fill Tool from the Toolbox, and click anywhere in your working image area. Upon clicking the mouse button, your entire background layer should be filled with the foreground color.

Create a New Layer

Let’s take a quick peek at the Layers Palette, and examine some of it’s more basic functions:

Anatomy of the Layer Palette

To create a new layer, Click the “New Layer” icon shown above.

Create a new Layer

As you can see, a new layer “Layer 1” has been created. You can rename this layer by clicking the name of it twice, and entering whatever name you desire. While this layer is selected (highlighted) you will be working on this layer alone in the photoshop document!

Drawing the Grass

Select the Brush Tool from the toolbox. Adobe Photoshop already has a preset brush called “Dune Grass” which we are going to use to create the grass in our graphic.

In the brush tool’s Option Bar, open the Brush Preset Picker (Small down arrow to the right of the currently selected “Brush”). Scroll a ways down the list, and select the Dune Grass Brush.

Select a brush Preset

We’re not going to go over brushes in great detail in the tutorial, but you do need to know that this brush is setup to alternate between foreground and background colors. Because of this, we need to select a background color with a similar green value (Such as #19250f).

Once you have a good foreground and background color selected, start painting with your brush in the working image area on your new layer. Hold down the Mouse Button to use the brush tool.


Let’s add some text now!

The Type Tool

Select the Horizontal Type Tool from the toolbox. Set your Foreground Color to White. Click anywhere in your working image area to begin typing.

Type Tool

Once you’ve typed something, select all of the text with your cursor (hold down the mouse button, and drag over the text to select). We’re going to adjust some of the type attributes in the Type Options Bar.

Set the Font to Arial, the font weight to Bold, the text size to 60 pt, and the anti-aliasing to Crisp.

Type Attributes

As you can see, the Type Tool has created a new Type Layer in your layers palette for the text. To apply the text, click this new layer (Or click Ctrl + Enter).

Apply the Type

Great! Now let’s position our new type tool so that it appears to be emerging from the grass.

Moving Layers

The first thing we need to do is position our Type Layer below the Grass Layer so that the Grass will appear in front of it. In your layers palette, click and drag your Type Layer below the Grass layer.

Drag the Type Layer below the Grass Layer

Now we can use the Move Tool to reposition our layer in the working image area. While the Type Layer is selected,get the Move Tool from the toolbox, and drag the text in the working image area to where the grass starts to end.

Move a Layer

Pretty Simple, eh? Now that you have the general idea of layers down, let’s create a few more and play with some of their options.

Opacity, Blending Modes & Filling Selections

Create a New Layer just above the background (below the type and grass layers), and drag out an elliptical selection using the Elliptical Marquee Tool (this tool may be hidden behind another marquee selection tool).

Make a selection

Using the Fill Tool, fill this selection (on your new layer) with White. Once filled, Deselect everything (Select > Deselect, or Ctrl + D).

You should have a large, white circle in your document now. Set this layers Blending Mode to Overlay in the layers palette:

Set the Blending Mode

Setting the blending mode is that easy! I won’t go into details about blending modes in this tutorial, but please experiment with them to get an idea of what they do.

Now set the Opacity to something like 15-20%.

Set the Opacity

Simple! Now right click this new layer, and select Duplicate Layer. This will create an exact copy of this layer (retaining layer opacity and blending mode). Using the Move Tool reposition this layer so that you can clearly see the two different circle edges.


See how you can see through the top circle to see the circle behind it? This is because our circle layers are somewhat transparent, otherwise known as less opaque. By setting the opacity to something below 100%, we are able to see through objects.

New Group

Finally, let’s take a look at one more useful feature in the layers palette. Click the New Group icon at the bottom of the layers palette (the one shaped like a folder).

Groups function in a similar manner to a folder. You can put multiple layers inside of a group, and then when you select the group (versus an individual layer), you’re able to adjust the opacity, blending mode, and position of all those layers at the same time (as well as several other things).

Let’s give it a try! Drag your two circle layers inside of the group.

Once both layers have been placed in the group (they should appear indented from the other layers), Select the Group in the layers palette. Using the Move Tool, drag inside of your working image area. Both your circle layers should move at the exact same time, yet they still retain their individual layer attributes!

Now that you have a better understanding of layers, learning some of Photoshop’s more interesting features should be a breeze!


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    Very good, well detailed explanations with excellent accompanying graphics. Much better than even some explanations in some photoshop books.

    Keep up the good work.

    Even though I’m not a noob, I still find it helpful to get as much info as I can on PS. You never know what new insight, or tip, you might gleam.

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    Nicole (1 Point) May 27, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks!! Great tutorial, exactly what I needed.

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    Xenthrawl (1 Point) May 26, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Thank you!
    For taking the time out of your day just to help us noobs at this PS stuff. this helped out very much, Amazing!

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    Karl Hardisty (1 Point) May 7, 2008 at 12:53 am

    Another excellent tutorial. Thank you!

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    Melanie (1 Point) May 4, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks! This is exactly the kind of tutorial I’ve been looking for. I made it through with no problems!

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    KyMoSaBeX (1 Point) May 1, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Great tut man, all your tuts are great. very easy and fast explanations. Congratz! Keep working like this! you’re helping a lot of people to improve! Way to go!

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    Thanks Marcus, I appreciate it mate!

    And to answer your question, yes, I will be covering adjustment layers, and other types of layers in future tutorials, so stick around ;)

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    Marcus (1 Point) April 27, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Whoa! Thats a really nice 3D diagram you did for layers. Once again, very good explanations on something that is very important to designers like us! Are you going to explain the other kinds of layers sometime soon?

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    No problem mate! Hope you enjoy the rest of our School of Photoshop series. It’s specifically targeted to people like you ;)

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    podferio (1 Point) April 23, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    this website is very helpful to the beginners like me!

    thank you so much for this tutorials.. :D
    Keep up the Good work!

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    LBrother (0 Points) April 19, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    Man, you’re really great, every day another Tutorial xD. Thank you man, they’re great, though I don’t need them. But I think there are many people out there who really, really need them.

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